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Cuzzin Eddie's Toors
'Nurture your inner hillbilly...'
copyright 2016
One of Sevier County, Tennessee's newest and most unusual 'attractions!​'
Board our 'customized' 14-passenger short bus where most toors offer an experienced and knowledgeable toor guide (or Aunt Tweedy) and driver who will escort you in style. Many trips include prizes, unique activities, souvenirs and snacks! (Bring yer teeth!) ‘Toors’ depart at various points throughout Sevier County and return to the same location, although on-location pick-ups for groups are available for an extra charge. Seat space is limited; reservations and clothing are required. See our 'Toors,' 'More Toors' and 'Schedule' page to find out what we've got going on at the moment...
*Theme song from Green Acres, written by Victor Mizzy
The tour company for those who don't take themselves too seriously...
Now booking small groups, wedding transportation and bachelorette parties too!
Copyright 2016
  • Moonshine toors
  • Food toors
  • 'Hillbilly' toor
  • 'Dolly' Toor
  • group toors
  • Custom/combo toors
  • Seasonal toors
  • Entertainment/speakers for your event
Themed and novelty tours, serving Sevier County, TN
ANNOUNCEMENT; Cuzzin Eddie will be booking tours for groups of 6 or more starting January 15th through the 29th. Call now for reservations!