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Cuzzin Eddie's Toors
'Nurture your inner hillbilly...'
Our friendly, capable and competent staff - ride the short bus with Eddie, Tweedy, Dolly, Jack or whoever else is available!
    Cuzzin Eddie set out to offer something new and different in Sevier County, TN. He first thought he would open a pancake house. Then he thought about an old time photo studio. After talking it over with the wife, they decided to give toors on their camper but that didn't work out because of certain plumbing issues resulting in an unfortunate incident involving  a TN Highway Patrol car out on Interstate 40. *
     So, Eddie teamed up with Aunt Tweedy, who finally got over that fungus thing, the gout and her allergy to possums, they bought a bus and now offer novelty and custom toors.  'Jack' and 'Dolly' work for Eddie part-time until they can afford to open their own fudge shop, unless 'Jack' gets recalled by the witness protection program. Again. 
      If you're thinking of visiting Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge or Sevierville, TN, give Cuzzin Eddie or Aunt  Tweedy a call and let them drive you in 'style!'

              *There are no rest rooms on board the bus. Any more.
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...ANY Cuzzin Eddie Toor is an adventure you won't soon forget!
Let us know if someone  onboard is celebratin' anything - like a birthday, anniversary,early release or their first year of sobriety...  we can make it extra-speshul!!!
   If your group is looking for something a little different - not necessarily on the bus - Jack and 'Dolly' offer a motivational presentation with a positive message. See  www.jacklovesdolly.com for more information.  
     Not to be outdone, Cuzzin Eddie and Aunt Tweedy can offer your group a 'Hillbilly Team-building Session' based on Aunt Tweedy's Hillbilly Roots Toor.  
   Either of these  experiences can be tailored to the needs of your organization We can offer these to any size group in any setting. Our special event coordinator can even help you find a place!
Cuzzin Eddie's Speakers Bureau