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No fightin,’ spittin,’ cussin,’ nose-pickin or unsociable behavior will be tolerated, even on the White Lightnin’ Toor. Drunkenness is no excuse. Cuzzin Eddie will kick you off the bus and Aunt Tweedy will kick your ass. 

If you bring it on the bus, take it with you when you go. Unless it’s trash. There is a white trash receptacle up front. Eddie is not responsible for stuff left on the bus. Eddie is not responsible for anything.

No critters allowed except for mother-in-laws and those sweet service doggies that help folks. 

No smoking anything onboard. This especially applies to you folks from Colorado, Washington, California  and a few other states like that...if ya know what we mean….And none of that newfangled 'vapin' stuff, either...

- Keep your clothes on and your teeth in. This especially applies to the White Lightnin’ Express but this rule does not apply to hats, caps, coats and sweaters, as long as ya got clothes on underneath….In fact, please take off any large headgear so the people in back of ya kin see…..Be polite.

Turn off or silence any cell phones, beepers, etc during the toor. Or we’ll turn it off for ya. Or worse yet, we might answer it.

-  Make all the still pictures you want but please don't video anything due to copyright issues. Also in case there is someone on the bus who is on the lam, is with someone they aren't supposed to be with or is uppity and just doesn't want anyone to see them on this particular bus toor, for some reason... 

-  Unless you have permission, nothing goes out the windows; not hats, drinks, trash, flags, banners, arms, legs or other body parts, no matter how proud you are of 'em.  (Banners and flags, we mean...)

We want everybody to have fun, so, for the comfort, safety, sanity and hygiene of all of our passengers, Eddie and Aunt Tweedy ask that everyone observe some basic rules;
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